Nuclear Energy: 3 Reasons Why It Should Be Stopped

Nuclear energy is the energy that is increasingly being used by humans. Whether it’s as a weapon or as a power plant. Even now nuclear energy accounts for about 10% of global electrical energy sources.

Why Should the Use of Nuclear Energy Be Stopped?

1. Nuclear Energy Can Be Used as a Weapon

This is certainly everyone knows. The first effective use of nuclear energy is as a weapon. In fact, only within a few months after testing the use of nuclear energy, the energy source is used to destroy two cities, it’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

The use of nuclear energy as a weapon has gradually transformed into a source of electrical energy. Development for electrical energy is indeed a good goal, but the reactor technology of nuclear power plants cannot be separated from nuclear weapons technology. It is impossible to develop nuclear weapons without knowledge of nuclear reactor technology.

In 40 years, 5 countries have developed nuclear weapons technology with the help of NPP reactor technology. So, if a country has access to NPP reactor technology, it is certain that the country will (also) have access to nuclear weapons technology.

2. Lower Nuclear Pollution and Waste

Other waste energy sources such as CO2 and NOx are clearly toxic to many living things, especially humans. But nuclear waste is not only poisonous but also radioactive.

nuclear waste

The radioactive material from nuclear waste also has a very long half-life, from 30 years to 24,000 years. That means that humanity will continue to be under the shadow of danger until the waste will no longer be radioactive.

Besides, there is also nuclear waste that is reprocessed, usually nuclear waste in the form of Plutonium. This reprocessing has options, it is as a nuclear weapon or as a new nuclear power plant. However, we do not yet have the right reactor for reprocessing nuclear waste, so the possibility of such waste will be used to produce nuclear weapons is very large. How strong? With just a few milligrams, this waste can kill you, and in several pounds, it can become a nuclear weapon.

Then where is this nuclear waste actually?

Since 1972, nuclear waste is prohibited from being discharged into the sea and nuclear waste is directed to be buried. But determining the right place for his burial was very difficult. From 31 countries that have nuclear power plants, only 1 country has a permanent nuclear waste grave, it’s Finland.

3. Lower Accident

From 1952 to 2019, there were at least 123 accidents related to nuclear energy from various countries. 7 of them are major accidents and even 3 of them release a lot of radiation into the surrounding environment, it’s in 1957, 1987, and 2011.

Chernobyl, a dead city that caused by a nuclear accident

In these 3 accidents, large areas in Russia, Ukraine, and Japan have become dangerous to live in for decades to come. This incident occurred in 3 reactors of different types, in 3 different countries, and the events occur almost every 30 years.

This might make us think, is the nuclear power plant which contributes 10% of the world’s electricity worth enough for this terrible disaster every 30 years? How many more areas must be contaminated because of the use of this nuclear reactor.

Maybe we also think the risk is too high when juxtaposed with the benefits we get. Maybe it’s best to stop using nuclear energy completely. But in reality, it is not as bad as the stigma of most people. The reason why we must maintain and develop nuclear energy can be read in the article “Nuclear Energy: 3 The Reasons Why Must Be Kept Up” below.

Nuclear Energy: 3 Reasons Why It Must Be Kept Up

Actually there is a new type of nuclear energy source that is much safer and efficient than conventional nuclear energy, it’s nuclear fusion energy. This energy source is even predicted as a future energy source. Want to know how? You can read about it in the article “Nuclear Fusion: Future Energy Sources” below.

Nuclear Fusion: Future Energy Sources

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